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Top Five Reasons to Add OEM approved transceivers from EP to your networks:

  1. OEM transceivers are much too expensive!
  2. OEMs like Cisco® and Juniper® often have VERY long lead times.
  3. Increased warranties over the OEMs (Cisco = 90 days, EP Optics = Lifetime!)
  4. 100% OEM Compatible – Equal Performance with much lower costs.
  5. Stretch your IT budget further by adding EP compatible transceivers in with the OEM original!

Key Benefits:

  • 100% Full Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Advanced Replacement & Engineering Support
  • Extremely cost effective products with equal performance
  • Massive inventory with immediate availability
  • Stretch your IT budget further than ever before!


  • Does not void Smartnet / Warranty
  • 100% OEM Compatible
  • Hot Pluggable
  • Short to 100+ km distances
  • 100Base, 1000Base, 10GBase, 40GBase, 100Gbase products in stock!
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For more information and pricing, please contact your sales representative at:

Email: sales@gorilladriveoptics.com

Phone: 949.713.4600 / 888.306.5825